Date: 2004 – 2005

Founded in 1991, The Faith & Politics Institute in Washington, D.C., cultivates mutual respect, moral reflection, increased understanding, and honest conversation among political leaders to advance productive discourse and constructive collaboration. FPI has served hundreds of members of Congress and congressional staff by offering experiential pilgrimages, reflection groups, retreats and public forums. In a world that is increasingly interconnected, they are dedicated to doing this work with the Congress because of their ties to a broad constituency and their leadership in local, national and global policy. FPI believes that commitment to a relatively small but influential group of people will ultimately reach many.

Ministry Internship (2004-05)

As part of my studies at the Washington Theological Union for my M.Div. degree, I assisted the staff of FPI in leading Members of Congress and Congressional staff members in small weekly interfaith sharing groups. I developed a survey for awareness of FPI among Congressional staff and developed programmatic activities based on survey responses. I was a co-leader of an advance team for the organization’s Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Alabama in March 2005, led by Congressman and civil rights luminary John Lewis (above), ensuring smooth operation of the four-day event, which included 50 Members of Congress and over 200 of their relatives and friends.

Read my reflection about, and view photos from, the Civil Rights Pilgrimage. The video below, produced by The Faith & Politics Institute, features Congressman Lewis and others discussing the pilgrimage and its impact. It includes footage from the pilgrimage in which I participated. For more information about FPI, visit their website.


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