The global pandemic required unexpected transitions and creative adaptation in 2020 for everyone – especially those who serve in ministry roles in our churches. In my work with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), both I, and the subcommittee of bishops with which I work in support of lay ministers, have always sought to be responsive to the needs of Catholic national ministry organizations and diocesan programs dedicated to supporting those laity who serve in ministry leadership roles in our Church.  This year we have made use of online technologies to stay in touch and conduct meetings. Our office was able to quickly pivot to virtual collaboration and so listen and work with these stakeholders as they responded to unprecedented needs this year. The importance of creative thinking on the part of lay ministers and others to respond to these new needs highlights the importance of ministry skills development and support. Holistic formation enables the development of the critical analysis and visioning needed during such challenging times.

Read the 2020 activities report to see more of how our bishops’ subcommittee and my office responded to the many unique needs which arose this past year.