Theological Inquiry and Leadership in a ‘Post-Truth’ Era: Insights from Blessed Oscar Romero

This essay is published in a book by Routledge Press released in June 2018, “Religious Scholars as Public Intellectuals,” as part of the Routledge Studies in Religion Series, and examines some ways in which then-Blessed (now Saint) Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador confronted ‘post-truth’ political and cultural forces in his ministry and examines insights that can be garnered for confronting similar social discourse today.

‘Before God and the Church: Parish Based Preparation of the Wedding Liturgy’

In this peer-reviewed article, I discuss how catechesis, preparation, and celebration of the wedding liturgy can be incorporated into an RCIA-like format. However, in addition to the three stages of preparation that match the three pre-initiation stages of the RCIA, I add a fourth post-wedding experience. It is analogous to the RCIA’s mystagogy. I call it “continuing ministry.” These four stages can constitute an integral, parish-based approach, not only to preparation for the marriage itself, but preparation for the wedding liturgy as well.