Ecumenical Trends 37, no. 2 (Nov. 2008): 3-9, 15.

This peer-reviewed article reflects on how the Franciscan movement has, from its very earliest years, emphasized the creation-based spirituality which emerged out of the experience of Francis of Assisi. Yet the ability to articulate specific elements of this spirituality as it relates to the current climate change crisis remains a key contemporary task for the entire Franciscan movement. The emphases on dialogue, peacemaking, reconciliation, and care for creation are key charisms within Franciscanism, the ecumenical movement, and contemporary ecological efforts. People involved in the ecumenical effort of eco-conversion would benefit from the strong appeal the spirituality of Francis has across Christian denominations. Simultaneously, such ecumenical conversations could enrich concrete and specific activities within the Franciscan community designed to respond to this global threat.

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