Dr. Marc DelMonico is a published, peer-reviewed author and has worked in a wide array of media. This page provides details on his publications, videos and related projects. To see older publications and projects, click on the page numbers at the bottom.

‘Communication, Communion and Conflict in the Theologies of Gregory Baum and Patrick Granfield’

The abstract of Dr. DelMonico's doctoral dissertation from 2015 at The Catholic University of America.

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‘Apostolicity and Episkopé in U.S. Ecumenical Dialogue’

In this essay, which won the peer-reviewed 2008 Ecumenism Essay Award from the Washington Theological Consortium, I examine the well-known Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry document of the World Council of Churches with respect to the related issues of apostolicity and episkopé (or “oversight”). I then indicate significant advances and shifts in the dialogue by evaluating more contemporary sources, namely, the insights of theologians from different Churches of the Reformation in the U.S., working on the “Churches Uniting in Christ’s "Consultation on Episkopé," and an independent, though related, presentation of a Catholic theologian John Burkhard.

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‘The Normative Significance of the Senus Fidei’

This peer reviewed article reflects on the theological and ecclesiological significance of the sensus fidei, a gift from Christ to the Church, sustained by the Holy Spirit.

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‘Their Message Goes Forth to All the Earth: Towards a Franciscan-Ecumenical Approach to the Ecological Crisis’

The emphases on dialogue, peacemaking, reconciliation, and care for creation are key charisms within Franciscanism, the ecumenical movement, and contemporary ecological efforts. People involved in the ecumenical effort of eco-conversion would benefit from the strong appeal the spirituality of Francis has across Christian denominations.

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‘Assembly Required!: Enhancing the Ministry of the Liturgical Assembly’

A short essay on the importance of a clear understanding and concrete application of a theology of the liturgical assembly at the celebration of the Catholic Eucharist.

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