About Marc J. DelMonico, Ph.D.

Dr. Marc DelMonico is a professional theologian and ministry consultant for Catholic and Christian parishes, communities and organizations, with additional significant capabilities in project management, online media, and organizational communications and visioning.

Marc is a scholar and teacher in the field of Catholic theology, having studied it broadly for over 20 years, with a specific focus in systematic theology. His professional theological training and research interests are in Catholic systematic theology, particularly the theology of the church and ecumenism. He holds an earned doctorate in Historic & Systematic Theology from the School of Theology & Religious Studies of The Catholic University of America. His dissertation focused on the ecclesiology of communion and its implications for reform and renewal of church structures. He also has an extensive academic background in Catholic theology of liturgy and worship, and over 22 years of experience in ritual planning and enactment, liturgical environment and music, adult catechesis and faith formation, pastoral care and faith-based justice advocacy. He maintains an active interest in Franciscan theology and spirituality, as well as in justice, peace and conflict studies. His several peer-reviewed publications have appeared in works by the Mid-Atlantic American Academy of Religion, Ecumenical Trends and New Theology Review.

Dr. DelMonico currently teaches undergraduate theology as a 3-consecutive-semester adjunct at Marymount University in Arlington, Va. He has presented talks on various theological topics to adult parish groups, guest lectured in graduate-level theology classes, participated in and presented at theological conferences and served as adjunct faculty member in the Archdiocese of Washington’s former Education for Parish Service program, teaching focused courses in Christology and Trinitarian theology. He also has a strong background in Catholic social teaching and has significant experience with faith-based advocacy for social justice in Catholic and ecumenical contexts. He has retained a life-long interest in biblical theology and the application of the biblical concern for the poor and marginalized at the level of persons, societies, and institutions.

Marc’s ministerial background has provided him opportunities to serve in various Catholic parishes, communities and organizations, including as a consultant on a number of projects at the intersection of theology, ministry, and mission. His ecumenical and interfaith ministry opportunities have also been very fruitful. He holds a Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Theology degree from the Washington Theological Union, a Roman Catholic graduate school of theology and ministry. It was his experiences at the WTU that inform Marc’s theological emphases on the life of the church and theology’s importance in the training and formation of lay and ordained ministers.

Marc has garnered more recent experiences in strategic project management for non-profits, small businesses and other clients as part of his work as a managing team member with Perisphere Media, a Washington, D.C.-based web design and digital communications studio. These opportunities have enabled him to develop extensive skills in many online communication media and technologies, as well as creative visioning and messaging and developing and implementing practical solutions to achieve the goals of client organizations, often on a limited budget.

Dr. DelMonico’s academic proficiency has been honored through multiple awards, including valedictorian of his graduating high school class and first academic rank out of 373 in his graduating class at Saint Bonaventure University, from which he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Philosophy with a minor in Justice, Peace and Conflict Studies. More recently, he has received awards for peer-reviewed publications on a number of theological articles including liturgy, ecclesiology, and ecumenism and Franciscan-inspired care for creation. Marc credits the foundational charisms of care for the poor, hospitality, justice and care for creation rooted in the life and witness of Saints Francis & Clare of Assisi, and as expressed within the lay, ordained and ecumenical Franciscan communities as bedrocks of his theological and ministerial approaches.

Dr. DelMonico seeks teaching opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate level in theology, particularly in institutions of higher learning focused on the intersection of theology and ministry.  His professional academic background provides him with the confidence and capability to teach and develop innovative courses in any area of systematic theology. He is also available to offer ministry-focused workshops, days of reflection, ministry assessment, leadership and visioning workshops, liturgical evaluations and development services, faith-based social justice advocacy strategies and development and public lectures on various theological topics. He is also available for strategizing implementation of digital communications techniques, including website development and deployment, in conjunction with the team of Perisphere Media.

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